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About Ilona Abou-Zolof

I love photography because it makes me see the world, my environment and people in a very different way. I found myself becoming much more observant.

I can see beauty in things I would have walked past before and once I start looking closer I can't stop seeing more and more.

When I started off I loved just taking photos of children and animals. I didn't like posed images. I liked them more natural or candid, but I found that if you stick with only two subject matters you will run out of interesting photos very soon.

I went out of my comfort zone and tried other things like landscape, seascape, portraiture, macro, weddings and street photography.

Now I am at a stage where I think of myself as an image maker rather than an image taker. I will get an idea; take images I can use to fulfil my idea.

I have as much fun taking the images as I have processing them in Lightroom and Photoshop afterwards.

It is amazing what we can produce in the digital age and how much fun it is.